What is a Survey and why do I have to complete one?

How Do I Complete a Survey?

Surveys have many different uses but Projectinsta use them to stop bots, completing one is fairly straightforward and shouldn’t take very long at all. Completing a survey typically consists of entering some information such as your email address, full name, phone number and so on… Just remember that all surveys are different and can be very random. For an example, a survey could ask you to fill out your information to enter a prize draw. I know it sounds very random but this is the only way we can stop 100% of all the bots.


You may sometimes be asked to complete a survey as a security measurement, these surveys are put in place to stop our site being overrun by bots. Without the use of them our website wouldn’t be around as our servers couldn’t cope with the thousands of requests a day. And that was just from BOTS!

Why Not Use A CAPTCHA?

A captcha code is designed to stop most of the pesky bots however, this was not the case with our website. Please click here if you are wondering what a CAPTCHA is.

When we first opened we decided to use a Captcha code but somehow a good 50% of the bots were still breaking through, this is when we realized something had to be done. We know nobody likes surveys but we had to implant them otherwise we would have been shut down a long time ago.