Outsmarting Instagram's Algorithm

6 Smart Tricks for Outsmarting Instagram’s Algorithm

You may already be familiar with tips for improving the engagement rate on Instagram (https://projectinsta.com/8-ways-to-keep-your-precious-followers-engaged-to-your-instagram-posts/). However, you might have noticed several changes in the recent months. You are not getting many likes and comments as you used to get. This simply means that the number of people who are seeing your posts has also gone…

keep your followers engaged

8 ways to keep your precious followers engaged to your Instagram posts

Keep your followers engaged You already know how you can gain more followers on Instagram, right? If not, you should consider visiting the following webpage: https://projectinsta.com/instagram-tips-and-tricks/. Now, it is time to explore how you can keep your precious audience engaged in your posts! So, how do you beat the Instagram algorithm to have more engagement…